Any profits earned from this series goes to support future sessions and activities led by the Alberta Early Years Committee. It is the committee’s goal to bring you high-quality, advanced level opportunities.   We are grateful for the financial support provided by Alberta Human Services to host these learning series.

Brain Development and the Benefits of Risky Play with Dr. Ian Pike


This presentation will explore the pressures limiting children’s outdoor play time and research examining the influence on children’s health and development. Participants will consider what can be done to restore balance and be provided some tools for considering the importance of risk taking.

Brain Development and the Significance of Trauma with Katie Statman-Weil


In this presentation, participants will learn about the frequency of traumatic events in early childhood and how these traumas influence brain development, attachment patterns, and school success; as well as practical skills to use to best support children who have experienced trauma.

Brain Development and the Impact of Technology with Dr. Kelly Dean Schwartz


This presentation will focus on discussing the most recent theory and research related to critical periods of early brain development, how early technology use can positively and negatively impact brain development and function, and the implications for early childhood learning (e.g., attention), emotion (e.g., emotional regulation), and social (e.g., peer/parent relationships) development.

The 4 R's: A Unique Perspective on Reconciliation, Resilience, Relationships and Respect with Monique Gray Smith

This engaging, thought provoking and inspiring session will provide a unique lens into the 4 R’s and how each of us can weave these into our lives, both personally and professionally. Starting with an overview on how stress & trauma impacts our wellness and the role trauma has on Indigenous wellness and exploring Canada’s history.


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