The 2017 conference is the sixth Alberta Early Years (AEY) biennial conference.  Planning for the first conference began in 2000 and was held at the Fantasyland hotel in 2002. The conference was started by group of professionals from over 25 grassroots community agencies in Alberta who saw the need for a high quality, advanced learning opportunity in the early years.  Over 75 professionals and volunteers have volunteered their time and expertise as in-kind contributions to the Alberta Early Years conferences.

We feel the success of the conference is due to the breadth and depth of strengths and expertise available – education, psychology, pediatrics, biology, epidemiology, language and literacy, and other fields – work, when taken together, contributes to a varied and interdisciplinary examination of the early years of life.

The Steering Committee always strives to deliver a learning opportunity that provides participants with skills, knowledge and reflection that challenges thinking thus leading to a change in practice.

The conference is non-profit; all funds going to fund current and future conferences and early learning opportunities.  The committee always strives to keep registration fees as low as possible, while still providing a quality professional development experience.

In 2014, the AEY steering committee began offering webinars, and 3 successful webinars were offered on Brain Development in the early years.

If you are interested in joining the Alberta Early Years Steering committee, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us HERE, send us an email to, or contact Joan MacDonald +1 780-497-5195

Our Volunteer Committee members represent the following organizations



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